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24 February 2008 @ 12:58 am

 ★  BoA  // Peace B Remixes ★

Release: August 7, 2002
Type: Album
Language: English & Japanese
Song Genre:  dance, jpop, remix

01. "Listen To My Heart" (Akira's Un Momento Remix) 
02. "Amazing Kiss" (Thunderpuss Japanese Club Mix) 
03. "Every Heart" —ミンナノキモチ・ (Groove That Soul Mix) 
04. "Power" (Masters Of Funk Remix) 
05. "ID;Peace B" (Shinichi Osawa Remix) 
06. "Share your heart" (with me) [Dub7s Lovers Rock Remix]
07. "Don't start now" (Two Main Guys Mix)
08. "気持ちはつたわる" (L12 Remix featuring Rude Boy Face)
09. "Amazing Kiss" (Tiny Voice, Production Remix)
10. "Listen To My Heart" (Hex Hector Main Japanese Club Mix)


I love remixes and I love every single one of these. I like Amazing Kiss (Thunderpuzz Japanese Club Mix)'s disco feel. I don't like the Remix to Every Heart very much. I don't know why. But it is cute and bubbly. Power sounds a lot better than the original. I think the lyrics suit the remix better. I love ID;Peace B (Shinichi Osawa Remix). Its so coool. *-* It reminds me of Koda Kumi - But. Its got more energy than the original. Share your heart (with me) got a reggae. Sounds more adorable now. I actually like the original Don't Start Now better, but the remix is okay. Its faster. :p Kimochi wa su Tsutawaru started off good, but when it got to the chorus, I liked the original better. XD The second Amazing Kiss remix is slower and funky. the second Listen to My Heart is really cluby and trancy. Good song if your DDRing. :p Anywho, I love this album! I think every BoA fan should take a listen to this!

20 February 2008 @ 08:57 pm

★   Various Artist // Step Up 2
Release: February 5, 2008
Type: Album
Language: English
Song Genre:  r&b, hip hop

+++ Lyrics are kinda suggestive on almost all tracks, so if your not comfortable with cursing and all that, don't download.+++

Track list:
01. Low - Flo Rida feat. T-Pain
02. Shake Your Pom Pom - Missy Elliot
03. Killa - Cherish feat. Yung Joc
04. Hypnotized - Plies feat. Akon
05. Is It You? - Cassie
06. Can't Help but Wait (Remix) - Trey Songz feat. Plies
07. Church - T-Pain
08. Ching-a-Ling - Missy Elliott
09. Push - Enrique Iglesias feat. Lil' Wayne
10. 3-6-9 - Cupid feat. B.o.B
11. Impossible - Bayje
12. Lives In Da Club - Sophia Fresh feat. Jay Lyriq
13. Girl You Know (Remix) - Scarface feat. Trey Songz
14. Say Cheese - KC
15. Let It Go - Brit & Alex
16. Ain't No Stressin - Montana Tucker, Sikora, and Denial


The Step Up 2 Soundtrack has some of the hit song right now. I'm mostly talking about Low by Flo Rida feat. T-Pain (which is topping the charts...), but Ching-a-Ling by Missy Elliott is getting pretty popular too. Ching-a-Ling gets kinda weird with some girl in the background, but it Missy so you would expect something different. I also like Killa by Cherish featuring Yung Joc. I haven't heard much from Cherish since "do it to it" (which I really liked. :p ), so hopefully they'll start releasing more things soon. =)

16 February 2008 @ 07:35 pm

 ★ Golf & Mike // Diary Hits 
Release: January 26, 2008
Type: Album
Language: Thai & Korean
Song Genre:  pop, r&b

Tracklist :

01. Epilogue
02. Mai Tong Bork Laew Wah Ter Ruk Chun
03. Tee Pruek Sar
04. Bounce
05. Fight For You
06. Rueng Lek Khong Ter
07. Seng
08. Talok Dee
09. Toang Ter Tao Nun (I'll Never Live Without You)
10. Mai Warng Kum Lung Ten
11. Poou Chai Mai Pen Puen Kub Poo Ying
12. Happy Birthday
13. Yah Len Baeb Nee
14. Khob Kun Young Noy Pai
15. Fight For You (Korean Version)
16. Khob Kun Young Noy Pai (Korean Version) 


Before Golf & Mike, I've never heard Thai music before. But I'm starting to like it. =) oh, did you notice that there are korean versions of songs too. ;D I looked it up and saw that G&M sing in a lot of languages. (was impressed. ;] )I love Bounce because of the dialog that opens it. "Hey Mike check out dat gerl ober der man. where? oh, she's hot  *whistle* woahh" XD Gets me everytime. The song is also catchy. (The basketball boucning reminds me of high school musical. ><) My second favorite is Talok Dee.  Their voices sound so sweet. >w< Overall, I think the album is pretty cool. =)

16 February 2008 @ 05:45 pm

★  Café Buono! // Buono
Release: February 20, 2008
Type: Album
Language: Japanese
Song Genre: jpop, bubblegum pop

01. Café Buono!
02. Nakimushi Shounen
03. Renai♥Rider
04. Honto no Jibun
05. Baketsu no Mizu
06. Garakuta no Yume
07. Internet Cupid
08. Last Forever
09. Kokoro no Tamago
10. Hoshi no Hitsuji Tachi
11. Rock no Kamisama
12. Kimi ga Ireba


Café Buono! doesn't really stand out as a girl group, but the songs are cute! ;] My favorite is Internet Cupid, because it sounds like it just came out of a Gameboy game. =)
27 January 2008 @ 01:57 pm

Koda Kumi // Kingdom
Release: January 31, 2008
Type: Album
Language: Japanese
Song Genre: Pop, R&B, J-POP

01. Introduction For Kingdom
03. Amai Wana
04. Himitsu
05. Ai no Uta
06. anytime
07. Under
08. BUT
09. Koi no Mahou
10. Aishou
11. Anata ga Shite Kureta Koto
12. Wonderland
14. MORE

★// Bonus Track //★

15. Black Cherry 


Finally its here! One of the most anticipated albums of '08. Enjoy. ;D

20 January 2008 @ 10:12 pm
So sorry that I haven't uploaded anything for such a long time. My old internet stunk. :p

Koda Kumi - Amai Wana

Another song from Koda Kumi's album "Kingdom", that is to be released on January 30th. =) This song reminds me of a past song of Koda's, Candy. Its not that they sound the same, but they have the same Arabian feel. It feels like "Kingdom" will be a great way for Koda Kumi to start off the year. (^-^)d
24 September 2007 @ 07:32 pm

Black Pearl  // 결국... 너잖아
Type: 2nd single
Release Date: September 20, 2007
Language: Korean
Genre: R&B, Ballad

Black Pearl - 결국... 너잖아

I had first heard of this korean girl group from ongoingmelody. I listened to the first single but it didn't do much for me. These girls are talented and have some really soulful voices. =)