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{1 album} Rain - Rain's World

★  Rain // Rain's World ★
 October 13, 2006
Type: Album
Language: Korean
Song Genre:  r&b, hiphop, Kpop

01. Rain's World
02. I'm Coming (Feat. Tablo)
03. With U
04. In My Bed
05. Not A Single Day
06. Cassiopeia (Feat. Lim Jeong Hee)
07. Him & Me (Feat. Dynamic Duo)
08. Don't Stop
09. Touch Ya (Feat. C- Luv)
10. Move On
11. Oh Yeah (Feat. Ai)
12. Friends (Feat. Tiger JK)
13. To My Friends
14. 나 (B-Garbage Remix)


Oh~ I love Rain. His voice is so smooth, his dancing is amazing, and dang...he is fine! >w< *moment over* I'm Coming is a fast hiphop-y song, bursting with Rain confidence. :p  One of the first Rain songs I ever heard. "Rain is coming down and it don't stop." is so catchy. In My Bed , (*-*), is also a great song.  Best ballads on here. :) I really like Friends, its so sentimental :) "Cause I'm your friend forever don't forget" If this is the first time you've ever heard about Rain, and you really like R&B, try him out. You'll become an instant fan. :)

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