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{1 album} Wonder Girls - The Wonder Year

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 ★  Wonder Girls // The Wonder Year ★
 September 13, 2007
Type: Album
Language: Korean
Song Genre:  r&b, pop, Kpop

01. I wanna
02. 이 바보
03. Tell me 
04. Friend
05. Headache
06. 뭐 어때 (Feat. David Kim)
07. Wishing on a star
08. Move (Feat. Lee Min Woo)
09. 가져가
10. Good bye
11. Bad boy
12. 미안한 마음
13. Irony


Wonder Girls! They're so cool, I have to share them. :) This is their first full length album. Tell Me is soo addictive. After a couple of listens, I couldn't help but sing along with the chorus. "Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me". The song is pretty much tell me you like me. :P Cute. Songs like Irony and Bad Boy take it up a notch and the older members take the lead. The songs are more funky and hiphop, than the other cute pop songs. Overall, I really like this group. They're sassy and independent, and I hope to be hearing more of them soon. :)

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